If you are ready to look and feel your best, become fitter and stronger whilst eating foods you enjoy.....this is for you!!!

I've put together a FREE 10 day workshop that shows you behind the scenes of my Ultimate Lifestyle Programme and how you can use my 5 flexible dieting approaches alongside my functional fitness approach to get the body and fitness levels you have always wanted but never been able to achieve.

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Why should you join?

Hi, I'm Sam West.

I have been a coach now for 12 years and after constantly battling myself with trying to manage my diet, controlling my weekend binges and still wanting to improve my overall fitness and physique. I have come up with the winning formula that worked for me and has done for thousands of others I have coached too. My goal is help you overcome the same and be part of my incredible community of people who are striving to be better without needing to be perfect. FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER!


Dont take my word for it, here are just a handful of success stories who have been through the process of my world class coaching programme and just look at the results:

"Its completely transformed my life, I literally am a completely different person now" Mollie

"I am forever grateful to Sam and will be part of this for life now. I am also a better Dad" James

"Its changed my life in so many positive ways and thats all down to Sam, his coaching and this community" Emily

"I cannot believe a free workshop could lead to the life changing results I have seen. Thanks Sam" Craig

"If you want to end your binge mindset and get results for life, join today. I cannot thank Sam enough" Max

"I am fitter, stronger, feel amazing and I am a better Mum for it all too. Life changing" Jade.

What's the programme about?

Improve Strength

I will help you improve your overall strength with my functional fitness approach whether you are new to fitness or advanced.

Create a Lifestyle

I will help you create THE ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE that still allows you to eat the foods you love and get the results you have always wanted!

Fitter & Faster

Improve your overall fitness and hit PB's on your running as part of this programme and community.

What will I gain from this workshop?

You will get a better understanding of flexible dieting and how I can help you say goodbye to the binge mentality and yoyo diet culture that you have tried and failed with before. I have 5 different methods that allow you to get incredible results, look good naked, be fitter, fast and stronger all without giving up the foods you love and your social life! If that sounds like something you might want or need......then come and join us!.

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Do I need to be fit to join this workshop?

Absolutely not. This can be for complete beginners or people that are advanced with their training. My goal is to help you understand the concept that has helped me so much transform my own body shape and my own dieting approach. So many people need help around this and this workshop is purely to help give some understanding on how this approach has worked for me and hundreds and hundreds of my clients over the past 10 years! All I ask, if you do join, join it to actually complete it and engage not just because its free. I only want people serious about wanting to make and see changes and end their frustrations with dieting and not seeing results from their training.

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Why is this free? Whats the catch?

There is no catch here...I have created this to help people understand how I have transformed my own fitness and body shape using these approaches and how I have used the same approach with over 750 clients across 10 years that have all transformed their mindset towards diets and have ended years and years of frustrations from using the tools I coach and help them with. Honestly, you do not need to join if you are sceptical, this is to help people that do not want to commit to any coaching just yet but need help because they are frustrated and fed up of not seeing results and constantly going round in circles. I promise, if you join, engage and embrace this, you will transform your body, mindset and life within 6 months! If you just do the 10 day workshop and nothing else, you will be able to take away information to help you go and do it alone anyway!

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Is it easy to follow?

Yes. Absolutely. You will basically need whatsapp to join our 10 day workshop group and get loads of inspiration from others on the programme too and you will get FREE access to my app where I will provide updates along with some daily tasks to tick off each day and within that app will be free workouts for you to complete across the 10 days too. Its mainly about just giving your all across the 10 days and knowing that by being part of a community of people and being accountable to a coach, you will completely transform the way you think, the way you act and the way you perform day to day! It can and will be life changing if you use it properly. You will be emailed all of this in a nice simple step by step process to make it even easier!

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