Client Results


37 years old
Working mum of 2

“I absolutely love working with Sam. He helps me stay motivated, keeps me accountable and supports me every day to become a better person and a better Mum! I cannot recommend him enough, life changing for me. If you want results, Sam is your guy”


27 years old
Office Worker

“Online coaching has changed my life! I was in a bad place and had really bad habits…since working with Sam I have dropped 65kg and still going, i cycle over 100km per week and recently just completed a marathon. I cannot thank Sam enough.”


25 years old
NHS Worker

“I got started with Sam when I was in a bad place, working long hours and no structure to my life! Working with Sam and doing the online coaching has been life changing for me and i have dropped 3.5 stone in weight and transformed my life! I cannot thank Sam enough. I highly recommend getting started with him”


33 years old
Housing Officer

I joined Sam through lockdown as was working out but not seeing the progress I wanted to see. I originally joined Sam’s 12 week programme, saw amazing changes to my body, fitness levels and strength so decided to carry on after that and still work with Sam now. Its amazing! You should definitely sign up, he is so helpful!


27 years old
Working Mum

Lost 14 pounds in 12 weeks: “I am so thrilled. I feel amazing and cannot recommend Sam enough. This programme is amazing and so easy to follow around by busy life”


46 years old
Working Mum

Lost 4.5 stone and maintained it for 3 years “I lost 4.5 stone and I am the fittest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been. Working full time and having a really busy schedule can be hard but with this programme it makes it easy to maintain and I am proof that age is just a number”


22 years old
Office Worker

Dropped 2 stone in 12 weeks “The 12 weeks with Sam is the best thing I have ever done. It has changed my life. I feel amazing and have learnt so much for long term too. I have carried on with Sam after the initial 12 weeks as I love how simple to follow this programme is. I cannot recommend Sam and his online coaching enough”


27 years old
Events Manager

Dropped 3.5 stone in 18 months “I joined with Sam to lose weight for a wedding but COVID hit and that didn’t happen. But I have loved it and continued to work with Sam and I am fitter, stronger, healthier than ever and this programme fits perfectly around my busy work schedule and events. A complete lifestyle change that I can maintain forever, I love it”


26 years old
Air Hostess

12kg down in 12 weeks! “I literally cannot explain how great this programme has been for me! My goal was to do this to be fit enough to pass my fitness testing for the police and thanks to this programme and working with Sam…….I absolutely smashed the tests. I cannot thank Sam enough. Everything you want and Sam is so helpful and always there to help”


22 years old
Air Hostess

Dropped 7kg & over 40cm in 12 weeks! “I was really worried about doing this programme as wasn’t sure if I could stick to it BUT i absolutely loved it and its so easy to follow! Anyone who is busy but wants results…this programme is a must! I am more confident than ever and so happy with how much healthier and happier I am from working with Sam. I have learnt so much”


24 years old
Office Worker

Dropped 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks. “I absolutely love working with Sam. I dropped 2 dress sizes in my first 12 weeks but have continued working with Sam ever since. I love having the simple structure, the constant accountability and coaching from Sam along with new recipe ideas and workout programmes too! Its helped me so much with my confidence, understanding how to balance a social life with getting results and I couldn’t be happier. Sam is great”


43 years old
Working Mum of 2

Completely transformed her lifestyle. “I started working with Sam and I was in a bad routine, had bad eating habits and my body reflected that. I was low on energy and with a full time job and 2 kids that needed to change! I feel the best I have ever felt and I am fitter, stronger and healthier than ever and have learnt so much since working with Sam. I love how simple this plan is to follow and I cannot recommend it enough”


27 years old
Radiation Therapist

52cm down in body measurements – “I got in touch with Sam all the way over in Australia as I saw how many people he was helping and how many results he was achieving with his clients. He seemed fun, his clients seem to still be able to enjoy life but were getting amazing results. Thats exactly what this programme is all about and its helped me so much! I have transformed my body, my mindset and my lifestyle and I am still working with Sam now as I love having a plan to follow each week and a coach who cares”


23 years old
Events &
Marketing Manager

Lost 9kg in 18 weeks. “I joined a 6 week online challenge that Sam started in January 2021, i just needed help and needed a kick start to the year and I loved it! I loved working with Sam and he was so helpful so once the 6 week challenge finished I transitioned into his 121 coaching and that was the best thing I ever done! The results have been incredible and I cannot thank Sam enough for helping me understand that I can still enjoy life but get amazing results! My whole mindset has completely changed”


33 years old

I have dropped a stone in weight, feel amazing and for me my confidence and how i feel when I look in the mirror is the main thing. I am finally happy again and have enjoyed the process of creating this lifestyle working with Sam! He really has helped me create the ultimate lifestyle that I can maintain now and continue with and I am so grateful.

What I Will Help You With


Lose weight, create healthy habits and still enjoy the foods you love. Let me show you how!

Build Muscle

Always wanted to build muscle but need help achieving it, I will help you.

Optimize your health

I want to help you create new habits, improve your health and have more energy

Active Lifestyle

If you are interested in getting more activity into your everyday life, I am ready to show you the way

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Everything You Will Ever Need All In One Place

A simple to use app with everything you need in one place. Making life easier.

Measurements, tracking and daily coaching feedback to make sure you reach your goals and stay motivated!

I help you to eat the foods you love but still get results! Family friendly recipes.

Training programmes to follow from home or the gym, built for you to fit around your busy schedule!

Daily chat and coaching with me to help you achieve your goals and stay accountable.

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Say goodbye to yo-yo diets

A plan that fits your life and daily routine. A workout programme that is flexible but helps you achieve your goals & a meal plan that includes recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Quick, convenient and simple but tasty recipes. It won’t feel like a “diet” and it wont have you wanting to stop as all the recipes are built from the food you tell me you enjoy eating and we work together so you understand how to fit in the foods you love and still enjoy a social life so its all about building a lifestyle without crazy restrictions.

Flexibility to fit your busy life

We do workouts you can do at home, in the gym, in the park or the hotel. I will help you to build a structure and include working out as part of your daily and weekly routine without giving up hours of your time. The training programme will be built for you to fit in around work, kids and other commitments. Flexibility to complete every session at times that suit you!

Cost Effective

A full coaching experience with daily support and so much more for the 1/4 price of what hiring a Personal Trainer will be. Personal Training is amazing but it sometimes doesn’t cover the main issues and struggles. I work with you to eliminate your struggles and help you work through them and be able to get life changing results and also maintain them whilst saving money long term.

The Complete Coaching Experience

My Online Coaching covers every area you need to make huge lifestyle changes. We work closely together to reach your goals and I will help you to learn how to train, what to eat, how to enjoy your social life whilst still getting amazing results. I will work with you to improve your fitness, your overall health and your mindset. You will never look back once you get started and you will be amazed at how much progress you will make.

Message From Sam

My passion is to help you achieve your goals working closely with me to build a lifestyle you enjoy, that is sustainable and that gets you the results you have always wanted. Too many people are focused on quick fix diets and short term goals and I work with all my clients to change this and help them to create amazing life long changes so when they achieve the progress they want, they can maintain it for the rest of their life. So goodbye to yo-yo diets and say hello to a new simple, flexible lifestyle that is built for YOU around the busy life YOU live. I have a 121 coaching programme and an incredible group programme so whatever suits you best, I will help you create that ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE


Can I email you with any questions?

Yes of course send me an email on [email protected]

Can I still get results if i have a busy lifestyle & children?

YES! Most of my clients have families and a busy life. Everyone is busy but I will help you prioritise things in your life too. The name toobusytobefit is basically created by the very life most of us live: A busy life. I teach you to make the most of your time whether you have 2 or 5 children, a sales job or something else that steals your time. I am the perfect coach for you if you have kids and a busy lifestyle. I myself come from a busy life and we can do much more than we think.

Do I get a ``cheat day``?

The key is not to eat restrictively, but flexibly so that you can in principle “cheat” daily. I teach you about diet and nutrition in food so you will never feel like you need a cheat day. You will be able to eat a pizza daily and still lose weight – you shouldn’t feel the need or urge for a “cheat day” as you will be eating all the foods you love as part of working with me. Understanding how to fit these foods into your life will be the key.

Is the nutrition side of this boring and restrictive

No it is not. What I specialise in is making your diet plan very similar and include the foods you are already used to eating. You will not get dry chicken and salad as a diet plan and have to live out of tupperware boxes. You will be able to eat all the foods you love, get results and not feel like your on a restrictive diet. The key is to eat food you love and be able to build the meals into your family life and social life too.


Sam West and his team of professionals who, among other things, are trained in habit coaching, nutrition and health, personal training and mindset coaching. Sam and his team cover every aspect of what you need and have the knowledge and experience to back it up! You’re in great hands!

How many hours per week should I train?

It is individual but I would say this: we have 168 hours a week. We sleep (most of us) for about 56 hours a week. That equates to 8 hours a day. Then we work for about 56-65 hours a week and basically have 47 hours to do everything else in. We want to learn to get an active life prioritised into the 47 hours and we train 3-5 times a week of 30 -45 minutes, then we still have a huge amount of time for other things. So yes, I help you organise your week so that it fits 100% into your current lifestyle. We work together to build a healthy balanced lifestyle but you will absolutely love the training sessions that I provide for you anyway so it makes it easier to get them done!

Do I have to have a gym membership to join?

No, absolutely not. Half of my clients achieve their goals without signing up for a gym. I will build a programme for you that includes any equipment you have access too and ensure the plan suits you and your lifestyle, but I always recommend joining a gym, as it contains a huge number of variations of weights and machines that make your journey easier. But it is not a requirement and not necessary.